Personalised Medicine & Assay Services

Carcinotech offers assay-ready 3D printed tumours for drug discovery, screening, and pre-clinical testing. Our innovative Carcino3D™ technology is validated to ensure consistency, uses advanced robotic manufacturing to ensure high-throughput and robust results, and is quality controlled to produce highly predictive assay-ready printed tumours. They are very close to clinical biopsy samples as we get patient-specific cells and isolated cells from biopsies, which allow us to develop tumours representing cancer heterogeneity. These printed tumours can be manufactured to order and delivered assay-ready to your labs. Our team of 3D oncology experts also offer assay services for each drug compound utilising our advanced Carcino3D™ technology, allowing for flexibility, with high-quality data delivered to ensure clients’ success.

Carcino3D™ printed tumours self-form and are ready to test within 7-14 days of printing. These can be manufactured to order, cryopreserved, and delivered assay-ready to your labs. Our team of 3D oncology experts can customise these according to your drug testing needs e.g. specific patient populations, mutation types, drug targets or treatments. Our technology can be used for various assays mentioned below and we also offer these assays if you would like us to test your drug compounds.

Personalised Medicine Testing

Carcino3D™ technology can be used in personalised medicine testing.

Precision medicine is a healthcare approach that utilises molecular information, phenotypic and health data from patients to generate care insights to prevent and treat human disease resulting in improved health outcomes. In the oncology space, precision medicine uses specific information about a person’s tumour to help make a diagnosis, plan treatment, find out how well treatments are working, or make a prognosis.

At Carcinotech our technology offers surgeons and oncologists the opportunity to test treatment options, drug responses and create treatment plans for each patient.