Pre-Clinical Models

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Model Development and Assay Services

We work with your scientific team to understand your drug discovery and screening needs, which allows us to manufacture bespoke models to suit your projects. Our assay services are offered as a quality control to each model we develop, ensuring robust, accurate and reliable results with reporting and analysis. Our 3D models self-form the microenvironment within 21 days and can stay viable for a period of 45-60 days.

Before the Project:

With preferred cell types.

DNA damage studies, apoptosis/necrosis assay, antibody expression analysis, dose-dependent assays etc.

The assay window for drug testing is between day 21-31 of bioprinting.

To match your request, to assess the drug target efficacy, toxicity, and profile.

Physiologically relevant, ethical and accurate acceleration of drug discovery



Model Development and Assay Services

  1. ATP-based 3D cell viability and Cytotoxicity.
  2. Flow cytometry data for each cell type in the model.
  3. Histology results (H&E) with proliferation (Ki67) marker expression.
  1. Phenotypic characterization using 3D imaging and immunofluorescence.
  2. Immunohistochemistry with cell-cell interaction markers if applicable.
  3. Hypoxia percentage.
  4. Luminescence based immunoassays.
  1. Dose-dependent size detection.
  2. Apoptosis/necrosis assay.
  3. Dose-response curve (ATP-based).
  4. Endpoint histological data.
  5. Endpoint phenotypic data.
  6. Efficacy values and tumour viability.

If additional services and assays are required with additional time-points, we can work with your project team to design a custom plan, work package, and deliverables. We have the capacity to offer immuno- modulatory antibody efficacy assays, combinatorial drug testing assays, and tumor relapse studies, amongst other customised services.

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