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Carcinotech is a MedTech company with expertise in manufacturing 3D printed living tumours using patient-derived biopsies, primary cells, immune cells and cancer stem cells. Carcinotech’s advanced models provide a platform for rapid, ethical, and accurate drug screening, pre-clinical and personalised medicine testing.

Working with global partners, leading pharma companies, surgeons, pathologists, clinicians, and industry leaders, the goal is to accelerate drug screening and enable the delivery of more effective cancer treatments to market. Access to Carcinotech’s robotic and automated manufacturing allows for accelerated production, with models offering high-throughput capabilities.

Our Carcino3D™ models offer a platform for in vitro high-throughput, accurate and rapid drug discovery and screening for novel, combinatorial and repurposed drugs. Our models can be used for drug efficacy, drug pathway, and toxicity testing. They are bioengineered to de-risk cancer drug testing and pre-clinical trials offering translational data with respect to cancer heterogeneity and microenvironments.

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