Robotic Lab Assistant


Carcinotech is a UK-based company that focuses on the production of cancer research models. Our product is a cancer cell environment on a micro-size chip and can be used as a tool for drug testing, cancer drug discovery and to study cancer biology. The product can not only replace animal testing in pre-clinical trials but can also be used as a device for testing personalised medicines and is a good representation of the cancer environment in a human body. Our device uses cancer stem cells to recreate the environment of any cancer type. Cancer research is one of the most common areas of research and with emerging drugs and treatments for cancer, our device will serve as a good research tool. Our vision is to have our device at the centre of drug discovery in public and private pharmaceutical laboratories as well as driving innovative research in academic institutions. Despite advances in the field of cancer research, the demand for new therapies is ever growing and we are confident that our device will be at the forefront of this endeavour. We also support the ethical treatment of animals and strive to develop research devices which will provide alternatives
to animal testing.


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